History, Romance

Book Description

TRIESTEHER JOURNEY SYNOPSISLady Trieste WynderMyre 19 years old out of College on a year's Sabbatical travelling around Italy Well that was the plan She was hoping to find out more about herself a witch who's powers came at 13 while at Boarding School However her trip would be cut short A recall to resit an exam brings her back home with disappointment in her heart On her return will she ever find out the questions to which no answers ever came Yes Her 20th birthday will bring discoveries of truths that were lies and lies that were truthsThe WynderMyre Memoirs are said discoveries The Family's DiariesGenealogy an Ancestry that will reveal their nature here on Earth and surprisingly in Space History or Origin of this Supernatural Family Regardless it explains so much more than just Witchcraft stories heard through her younger years The arrival of a Vampire brings about an adventure a prophecy romances and survival Blessed be the blood will take on a new meaning for Trieste the WitchNOVEL ONEEPISODE ONE FROM DAWN UNTIL FOREVERHer Adventure begins What Trials Tribulations are in store