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Often times the Bible is associated with rural pastoral settings The Israelites wandering in the desert wilderness living in tents David playing his harp for sheep out in the pasture and Jesus strolling along dusty roads between remote villages But what if I told you that the Bible is an urban book and that the center stage for where the drama of biblical events played out was truly the city Starting in Genesis all of the way to the end of the Bible in Revelation the whole trajectory of humanity and the focal point for the Missio Dei was and is urban and not rural When Jesus erupted into history through the womb of a teenager he lived in the most urban region in the world The early church was birthed in the city and spread to the largest most influential cosmopolitan urban centers of the day For the firstcentury Christian to be a follower of Jesus was synonymous with being an urbanite The Urbanity of the Bible explores the urban nature of the Bible and displays the urban trajectory of the Missio Dei The city was and is a dominant theme of the setting backdrop and purposes of God throughout history As the world today has flooded to the cities this book is good news We were meant to live in the city