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Origins Discovery is an epic 188300 word story of love culture and discovery set during the greatest conflicts in history The entire novel is written in three Parts includingPart 1 The Axis Rises Part 2 Defending the Free World andPart 3 Discovering HumanityThe novel has been written to provide a window to a world few people in the West know about of villages and people in Asia experiencing the trauma of political change and conflict in the 1930s but also a world of amazing cultures music dance and historyArmenia is an ancient land the oldest Christian nation but it has become part of the Soviet Union To the east the Japanese Soviets and Chinese all warily watch each other while in the birthplace of many religions India and Nepal the influence of the British Empire is slowly waningExperience an incredible story of selfdiscovery through the eyes of villagers as they laugh love and cry people that will ultimately change the course of history and provide a lens on why we still have problems in the 21st century between different peoples Learn about the discovery of a longhidden treasure that will alter the way we treat each other as humans Discover our origins