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This PDF contains an excerpt from the bookThe city of Kiev was bombed in Hitler's blitzkrieg across the Soviet Union but the constant siege was only the beginning for her citizens In this sweeping historical saga Kelli Stuart takes the reader on a captivating journey into the littleknown history of Ukraine's tragedies through the eyes of four compelling characters who experience the same story from different perspectivesMaria Ivanovna is only fourteen when the bombing begins and not much older when she is forced into work at a German labor camp She must fight to survive and to make her way back to her beloved UkraineIvan Kyrilovich is falsely mistaken for a Jew and lined up with 34000 other men women and children who are to be shot at the edge of Babi Yar the killing ditch He survived but not without devastating consequencesLuda Michaelevna never knew her mother Growing up with an alcoholic father Luda is only sixteen when the Nazis invade and she's brutally attacked due to her father's negligence Now pregnant with the child of the enemy she is abandoned alone and in pain She must learn to trust again and find her own strength in order to discover the redemption that awaits Frederick Herrmann is sure in his knowledge that the Fuhrer's plans for domination are right and just He is driven to success by a desire to please a demanding father and by his own blind faith in the ideals of NazismBased on true stories gathered from fifteen years of research and interviews with Ukrainian World War II survivors Like a River From Its Course is a story of love war heartache forgiveness and redemptionNow available for preorder on Amazon