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Patience Compromised The Love of Most Will Wax ColdPoliticalPowerhouseThriller Compromises vs Truth Human vs Money Money vs Truth What does it all meanYou tell meAbout the book seriesThis book will change your life and how you see it Spot on with the world we find ourselves living within Spiritual and feisty A deep and hopeful undertone Insightful and helpful Dystopian and utopian two distinct lands are presentedin a shocking and thought provoking way Just what the world is silently demanding anacknowledgment of a subconscious cry of help I hope this book can assist people in understandingthemselves and the world we live in As one reviewer described the book it helped me find joy inthe madness of the world Mastrick of jala Inc provides a fresh new context forthe human experience in the futuristic world presented allowing readers toconsider themselves in a different light and out of the standardAmericancurrent world culture DetailsWithering wondering Mastrick of jala Inc lives in aworld that answers everything for her The problem is she despises the answersand feels that all of the true questions are not even considered In a worldwhere Mastrick seemingly has it all she knows she in fact owns nothing andknows almost no one This world is jala Inc Little does she know there isanother uncharted land that she will be sent to soonor does she really knowanything at all A coming of age tale of sorts an adult Mastrickdesperately wants truth and freedom and at the same time she wants to growinto a person who finally has it figured out Happiness fulfillment everything Can she find faith in a world where faith is outlawed How canfaith be found in such a loud world and when truth is said to be false Oreven just trashed not even labeled as false Flights take her to cities and those cities are connectedby a system of roadways and trains Beyond that in those exotic and farawayareas of the world what is really there Mastrick has little to do withtechnology let alone the people that create and control global maps DailyMastrick is uncomfortably filled with questions concerns and fears Shesomewhat knows what she wants but can she ever get it Even partially And does it matter with all things consideredIn a nation where all artistic expression is deemedworthless by the Commission creativity is in dire need With the movement ofpeople from place to nonplace time does not seem to matterOne short slip down a circular hole Mastrick arrives Butwhere It is a new system of travel called Podness pods that finesse travelMaybe not really new but new to her Does it matter how she arrived She didnot choose to go there in the first place All of the facts and figurespresented to her about her new world still seem unnatural and unbelievable inmost every way Will Mastrick's new acquaintances help or hurt her Willher currentand soon to be pastconnections haunt or relieve her with theirabsence Will she find what she is looking for Join Mastrick on her tumultuousand thoughtprovoking journey This short novel will leave you satisfied and waiting forPart II all at once EnjoyEnjoy the first half of Mastrick of jala Inc for freeWhat People Are Saying about Book OneThis book is exciting in itsoriginality and freshness It's different The writer demonstrates incredibleunconventional talent imagination deep thinking and the ability to put it alltogether in a thoughtprovoking manner As I read I saw a stage playwith Larson projecting his unique talent with words and hands around veryserious concepts Mastrick of jala Inc makes me reflect on thehidden messages that are barely glimpsed I was captured by the unusual formatloved the chapter titles the concept of time the God element woven in with asprinkling of Bible quotes The analogies were visual and delightful Mastrickof jala Inc could and should have a long run on a best sellers list Maryann Wakefield AuthorPart Two of theMastrick of jala Inc seriesPlease enjoy the first two parts of book two for free Tags dystopian futuristic romance suspense sciencefiction christian fantasy spiritual millennial inventivecreative artistic