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Hi thereAs you are about to find outA little willing ritualization can help a lot If you're looking at this you probably are interested in giving your life some structure and improving your progress in spiritual growth We must be kindred spirits I made this onepage worksheet before I made the prayerfocused version which is available here at NoiseTrade too This is an easy way to track progress in mindfulness Consistency is key So commit to at least five days of tracking to see benefits okay You seem like the generous type Thanks for a tip to say Thanks Lisa Enjoy and let me know how you did at my website lisadelaycom Lisa DESCRIPTIONA lifetransforming daily exercise worksheet to complete each Morning and Evening to maximize joy growth awareness and godlinessSPECS No religious affiliation Completion time 35 minutes each morning and evening Can be adapted for group use to enhance reflection growth and accountability go for it This method is awesome Positive change can be seen in 5 days or less Just print and use OTHER RESOURCES Stop by my website lisadelaycom