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If Jesus Were Writing To Our Dying World Today What Would He Sayto Galapagos and Darwin EvolutionO man the splendid earth with its fullness andthe universe in its glory did not 'selfassemble' I the Lord God made them and my name is Yahweh Now return from folly and seek wisdom regain pure knowledge and attaintrue sciencefor then you will discern that I AM THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES to Ur and Shinar AmericaO America I am your Liberty andyou are that huddled mass yearning to breathe free I am your Lighthouse theOne beaconing yea beckoning and you are that wayfarerstrayed grayed andfrayed Now return youtempesttost lift up your gaze to the lighted torch aloft the golden door andcome hometo Shiloh and Bethel PastorsBehold I come quickly O shepherdand I come my reward with me I the Lord of the harvest am comingbut notfor your picturesque cathedrals and elegant sanctuaries Lo Iam coming for my Church a sheep without spot or wrinkle a bride chaste andcomelythose I entrusted into your hands O priestIn I AM the Origin of Species theMind of Christ finds its voice challenging man's worldviews andcharging the believer to deeper faith Written in the spirit of Jesus' letters inRevelation these epistles clarify biblical truths affirm God's counsel on today's burning issues evolutionatheism America's secularity sexuality the stewardship of pastorsAfrican Traditional Religion the occult and call all men to newnessand fullness of Life in Christ