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Roxanne Rockefeller is a straight shooter who kicks butt admires tight jeans and loves life On the Rocks introduces her as a youngcowhand working the last of the fall roundup on a new range gathering cattleand enjoying the quiet country Just as the job is about to wind down thingsget maybe a bit too excitingAnnie and her equine companions trot us through a rollickingcharacter driven western action adventure with an intriguing plot twist Herstory is for lovers of all things western and cowboy life in particular as sheexplores a vast and beautiful land On the Rocks is athrilling ride through wildlife filled mountains and prairies with anassortment of boon and not so boon human and animal companions Soaring vistasand grandiose themes draw the reader into a nostalgic and surprising worldThere are 11 books in the Spirit Animal seriesand counting