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When Istarted or at least cofounded a small sales promotion agency calledMarketing Principles in Oxford 20 years ago I had no idea about the dramasthat would ensue or the mixture of fun and games and pain and heartache thatcould be telescoped into 12 short yearsI needed toget a lot of this off my chest for cathartic and purely selfish reasons but indoing so and in my current role as small business advisorcoachmentorNEC Irealised along the way that the lessons learned might be instructive as well asjust entertaining which is where it originally startedThe title istaken from the scurrilous inhouse 'newsletter' our creative department took tocompiling a couple of time a year to debunk any of our employees who oh justanyone who worked for us including meWe begin thejourney in 1985 The key protagonistsat the beginning all have gainful employment at another local agency and onthe face of it should be content with their lot But then this thingcalled ambition comes knocking and a 12year roller coaster ride beginsFor moreinformation on my description of a smallbusiness startup through growth andcontraction to eventual trade sale visit The Unprincipled where youcan also order the book via PayPal if the spirit moves youDescribed byone reader as part memoir part business handbook part comic novel it will Ibelieve strike a chord with anyone who has ever run or been part of a smallbusiness and will certainly be useful to anyone who aspires to do so