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Some knights pledge their whole lives to sacred duty Sir Champaign can't even fake his way through the first crusade Exiled by his fellow Crusaders and left to rot at the bottom of a desert pit he has the rest of his wretched Arabian nights to repent of the heist he didn't commitas well as the heists he did He has but one desperate plan to reverse his fortune All he needs now is a crewAli Baba had forty thieves Champaign needs only nine A ragtag band of experts from all corners of the Arabian underworldsword swallowers and snake charmers magic carpet surfers and magic lamp vendors He'd even put a genie on the team if they'd let him But nobody's that crazyThen again their target is the one treasure Ali Baba himself wouldn't dare touch It's guarded by a nightmare more terrifying than any dreamt in 1001 Arabian nights an immortal sand beast known as the Decalogue Dragon It lives on the desert's rooftop in a nest made for dragon wings in a lair scarred by dragon claws and laced with poisonous dragon blood But there's more than just a dragon hoard in that desert cave And with the help of a fellow knight errant and the funding of a rogue Arabian prince Champaign thinks he just might have the blueprint to stealing itNow every vulture in Arabia is circling from mute assassins to greedy Knights Templar He'll have to be more clever than Aladdin more cunning than Ali Baba and more daring than Sinbad to pull off the heist of the century Maybe give Scheherazade something to write about for the next 1001 Arabian Nights Only the dragon stands in his way And it will take more than three wishes to steal the treasure escape with his life and clear his name