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Initiated to Kill is a psychological thriller that is partlybased on a true story combined with conspiracy and a deaf art student Delveinto two serial killer's psyche one in 19th century London and the otherpresentday Spain What drove them to do itAnnabella Cordova quickly becomes embroiled in theconspiracy involving the university she studies at When her roommate goesmissing it becomes very personal Her ability to read facial and bodylanguage in people leads her to discover parallels from an earlier centuryEvery six days a package arrives at police headquarterswhere Andres Valero gradually uncovers a conspiracy resembling one attempted centuriesagoIn 19th century London a man an artist roams the streets of Whitechapel forhis prey But who was this infamous serial killer His childhood backgroundthe man that transforms into a killer Explore the psychological workings of akiller that was never apprehended Jack the RipperInitiated to Kill unmasks two serial killers initiated into a powerfulorganisation to kill