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The Twilight of the Fourth World with book one The Rainbow Warrior and book two The Return of Queen Malik form a complete literary work a mandala where one might say one book is the image of the other projected on a mirror and which together form a whole that happening simultaneously lets us penetrate through allegory and imagination into the human psyche A dance of lights and shadows where love and fear confront each other Two parallel worlds that seek to stimulate the imagination of the reader and blurring the boundaries of time and space raise questions about reality the observer and the observed We dedicate this book to the Native American People and to the resilient people of Tibet and their spiritual leader His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama Both these cultures are in real danger of extinction Both these cultures are rich in spiritual knowledge and wisdom which are much needed in the perilous times that humanity as a whole is living inThe fist part of the Twilight of the Fourth World Book 1 The Rainbow Warrior narrates a dream and like dreams it is woven with threads of two worlds the real and imaginary one It is a choral and visual composition A caricature and a kaleidoscope of human emotions painted with light and thick strokes of a brush in a simple language The teachings of several great masters enlighten us throughout The alter ego of planet Earth Plutonio came into being through an act of faith and will Life in Plutonio was idyllic and the nations of the planet lived in peace and harmony until they came in touch with two humans and chaos was installed The spiritual teachings are inspired by the Dalai Lama osho deepak Chopra Talbot Mundy Joseph Campbell Enrique Barrios Lao Tse and other enlightentened masters As for Book 2 The return of Queen Malik the events take place in the year 2039 as the planet is heading to provoked and controlled disaster manipulated to achieve the dictatorship of the Council of Corportations The parallelisms to many events that are already happening gives the reader food for thought The authors have been inspired by the prophecies of the American Hopi Indians The Twilight of the Fourth World has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra His Majesty the King of Tibet Melissa Rossi Marisa Berenson and Grandfather Lee Standing Bear moore Keeper of Manataka