In short about us

Why was NRHL created?


Motto: Terras Irradient (“Let them give light to the world”).

The National Ramzi A. Haraty Library (NRHL) in Hamra, Beirut is no doubt a testament to the integrity of its namesake who whole-heartedly dedicated his life to the pursuit of science and higher education. Never one to turn down those who wanted to learn, Ramzi A. Haraty embodied the Aristotelian ideals of those who sought to pass on knowledge and wisdom to the next generation and hoped for nothing more than to assist those in need.

In return for his service, this library was founded in 2017 with a budget of USD500,000. All of whose members were once Dr. Haraty’s honest and hardworking students that went on to more success than anyone could possibly imagine. Humbled, none these accomplished men and women maintained that none of this success would have been achieved if not for the tutelage of the virtuoso Ramzi A. Haraty.

Equipped with the latest facilities, the NRHL exists as a pillar in the Hamra community to provide novels, texts, scholarly research, and online terminals to all those underprivileged who seek it. The ivory colored walls not only enhance the elegant parquet floors but provide an air of a classic grandeur, one that has been difficult to find in the modern world.

The librarians and staff work tirelessly around the clock to provide service at all hours at any time during the week, and in coordination with Lebanese American University and in keeping with mission of the NRHL all facilities will be catered to the students of that university free of charge. A Starbucks branch is set to open soon inside the facility as NRHL works tirelessly to integrate the chain seemingly into the well thought out design in order to provide users with a wholesome and unprecedented experience.

Educational programs and children’s book readings will be held throughout the year at preplanned times that are regularly posted on our official site.